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Help ensure our city remains equitable, inclusive, and vibrant.

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Help ensure our city remains equitable, inclusive, and vibrant.

Cambridge is a world-class center for innovation and education, a city of diverse cultures and vibrant artistry. As the local giving platform, the Cambridge Community Foundation has a unique relationship with our city — we understand what makes it special, and what it can do for residents in both urgent and steady times.

We’re dedicated to working with all stakeholders to serve our community in myriad ways, from providing steadfast nonprofit support and COVID-19 relief, to protecting and lifting up our essential arts and social innovation sectors, to providing thought leadership on and launching new initiatives to solve social problems in our city. Through collective giving and action, we make Cambridge stronger. But we cannot do this work without you.

Join us. Become a Cambridge Community Foundation donor and invest in us so that we can grow solutions, support impactful ideas, and ensure Cambridge remains the vibrant, creative city we love.

The Cambridge Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. EIN #: 046012492

If you would like to mail a check, please send it to: Cambridge Community Foundation, 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139.

For more information, or for other ways to donate, please contact Michal Rubin at

Photo by Cindy Weisbart.