Imagined in Cambridge! Fund

Support innovators dedicated to bettering our city.

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Support innovators dedicated to bettering our city.

Join us in seeding creative ideas that make Cambridge a better place.

To extend our support of local social innovators through the annual Imagined in Cambridge! Social Innovation Award, the Cambridge Community Foundation recently created the Imagined in Cambridge! Fund, a $500 microgrant opportunity open to any past applicant of the Award.

Cambridge is home to a diverse and ever-growing community of creative entrepreneurs and we've seen that reflected across our award applicants. They've put forward powerful ideas fueled by social justice, creativity, culture, and building communitylike a podcast to engage our city's most civically disconnected citizens; a public service campaign promulgating messages of antiracism and togetherness; proposals for improving free access to resources like the arts, mentorship, and healthy activities; and more.

While all these innovations embody bold, grassroots thinking, there is another pattern across these emerging ventures – many encounter obstacles that relatively modest sums of support could surmount. To date, microgrant recipients have leveraged their $500 to get the word out about their work – to build a social media presence, cover print costs, make website fixes - while others have turned turning around the dollars to give cash grants, intern stipends, or artist fees to community members.

We ask you to join us with a gift of any amount in support of social innovators working to solve some of our city's most intractable social problems with inspiring, light-touch ideas that strengthen our community.

Photo of Ashley Herring, founder of blackyard and winner of the 2020 Imagined in Cambridge! Social Innovation Award, speaking at the award ceremony for our 2021 winners. Taken by Tony Rinaldo.

The Imagined in Cambridge! Fund is a Fund at the Cambridge Community Foundation.

(EIN #: 046012492)

If you would like to mail a check, please write “Imagined in Cambridge Fund” in the memo and send it to: Cambridge Community Foundation, 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139.

For more information, or for other ways to donate, please contact Michal Rubin at

For more information about our annual Social Innovation Award and other resources for social entrepreneurs, please visit our Imagined in Cambridge page.